timeline_02The history of the barber in Thessaloniki

They all started at the age of 6 when I was walking on Mitropoleos street from kindergarten to my mother’s hairdresser’s in the name Vera operated since 1972 and to my father’s patisserie Makridis  in Venizelou Street. Now in adolescence I began to live the pulse of the center of Thessaloniki Proxenou Koromila street Vogatsikou, Kouskoura, Iktinou, Agia Sofia square.
Rockabillies, rockers, punks, , college kids  all in one company. The center of the city one neighborhood, our friends’ houses and shops were our homes. As I was growing up loved our city more and one of  the reasons was also stories of my grandmother Helen ,Constantinopolitan origin, like always reminds me that I am ROMIOS (greek origin)  and I live in Thessaloniki. Our roots were from the depths of the east , the Cappadocian and from Istanbul and when we ended up in Thessaloniki my grandfather took over managing the Bei (paradise) hammam , in Aristotelous square, next to the statue of Venizelos , then there were NOT bathrooms in homes and people used to go to the hamam (baths) frequented by Jews, Armenians  and Greeks from Constantinople, and there my family lived.
So all of our stories from the everyday life in Thessaloniki had us experience the city, and always remember my grandmother saying a complaint “giavri moy(my beloved)…be careful…!!! When I was in Istanbul I was a yunan(turkish word for Greeks) and here in Greece I am a Turkish”.

From my family I learned to provide services to people giving joy and pride of living in our city Thessaloniki.

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